In Africa we were free.

In the ships we were stripped of our culture. 

In the stockades we were sold like chattel. 

In the plantations we were whipped and molested. 

In the south we were hung like strange fruit from a cotton tree

Our freedom revoked.

Then the Diaspora came to Detroit to reclaim freedom. 

To create a renaissance. 

To create a history and a future. 

Through black-lining, firebombing, police brutality and mass incarceration,

They tried to halt our black masses, yearning to be free. 

But through music and art we reclaimed our freedom 

We made our new Africa. 

Along a new Nile, The Detroit River,

We created a culture of neo-indigenous royalty,

We broke from our cages,

We thrived on adversity, 

And in our blackness, we excelled!

Welcome to WakanDetroit

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